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Aerator with flow regulator ( PCA ® Aerator )
Pressure Compensating Aerator
There are basically two possible ways to control the flow . One is to restrict it by defining the size of the orifice in such a way as to permit a predetermined flow rate at a specific pressure ( e . g . 3 bar ). Neoperl refers to these products as “ flow restrictors ”. While flow restrictors allow little water to pass at low pressure , the flow rate is often higher than necessary at high pressure .
flow l / min | gpm
Customer satisfaction
Environmental protection
psi | bar
Aerator with integrated flow regulator Under normal conditions , the water flow through an aerator increases as the pressure rises . However , it may be necessary to achieve a virtually constant flow rate , regardless of pressure fluctuations , in situations where the flow rate is subject to certain requirements , e . g . – compliance with standards in specific markets – saving water – regulated distribution of water .
This is where the PCA ® technology comes into its own . PCA ® aerators are easier and more convenient to use than flow restrictors at low pressure and save water at high pressure . The user has as much water as he needs ( customer satisfaction ) but uses no more than is necessary ( environmental protection ).
How the PCA ® technology works
Static state ( no flow , no or low pressure ): the precision control o-ring is relaxed ( position 1 ).
Dynamic state ( flow ): As soon as water flows through the flow regulator , the o-ring becomes distorted and is pressed into the gaps between the teeth of the core . This reduces the size of the opening for the water ( position 2 ). The deformation of the o-ring increases as the pressure rises ( position 3 ). When the pressure decreases , the o-ring gradually returns to its original shape , increasing the size of the opening for the water again ( returning to position 2 and then to position 1 ).
Low or no pressure ( 0 bar ) Position 1
High pressure ( 5 bar ) Position 3
N o r m al p re s s u re ( 3 b a r ) P o sitio n 2
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