NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 10

GENERAL INFORMATION ON AERATORS Features: SSR integrated SSR optional SSR (swivel plate) The SSR function offers a means of adjusting the direction of the water stream as needed. The inclination angle of the swivel plate on the outlet side is adjustable. The maximum swivel angle depends on the model and varies between ±6° and ±10°. 10 | Aerators SLC integrated SLC optional SLC (Smart Lime Cleaning) Lime deposits at the tip of the aerator can simply be rubbed away thanks to the soft elastomer surface. This extends the service life substantially. AC integrated AC optional AC (AutoClean) The dome screen of an AC aerator has an automatic cleaning function. Small dirt particles (up to 0.7 mm in size) are simply flushed out. This ensures that the stream pattern and flow rate remain unaffected, even after long periods of use.