NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 8

GENERAL INFORMATION ON AERATORS Stream patterns Aerated stream Aerators use the Venturi effect to introduce air into the water stream. This gives the water a pleasantly abundant, soft feel for the user – regardless of the flow rate. Uncontrolled water splashing is a thing of the past. Laminar stream Physicists use the term “laminar” to refer to a stream that flows in parallel layers with no disruption between them. The stream is crystal clear and has a pure, natural appearance – an interesting aspect for the faucet designer. Furthermore, a laminar stream is the ideal choice for health care facilities because of its hygienic advantages: aerosol generation is reduced to a minimum due to the lack of air intake. Spray stream The spray stream offers an ideal means of dispersing water over the largest possible wetting area when the flow rate is low. Its water-saving attributes also make the spray stream an interesting prospect for highly frequented washrooms (e.g. in public buildings). Rain Spray stream Neoperl's Rain Spray offers a special washing experience. Numerous little nozzles join forces to produce an extensive, abundant and pleasantly effervescent stream of water – a shower sensation for your hands. Lime build-up Aerator testing: Two new aerators have been tested in the following conditions: – simulation of the equivalent of 5 to 6 years of use – water temperature of approx. 15 °C / 59 °F – room temperature of approx. 20 °C / 68 °F – water hardness 20–30° dH (German hardness) Aerators with metal wire mesh screen A film of water builds up over time, which forms a bridge between the insert and the housing. This is where lime begins to form. The lime gradually spreads towards the middle of the screen and finally clogs the air inlets. The stream becomes hard and splashes. 8 | Aerators Aerators without metal wire mesh screen With full-plastic aerators, the formation of water film bridges is hindered. Lime build-up is slow­ed down considerably thanks to their unique structure (CASCADE® and HONEYCOMB®). They continue to produce a straight, non-splashing stream of water, even after long periods of use. SLC Feature Lime clogs aerators in time. It forms more slowly on plastic aerators than on aerators with metal wire mesh screen. Neoperl has developed the SLC feature for maximum lime resistance: you can simply rub away any lime deposits on the outlet surface of the aerator with your finger.