NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 27

CACHÉ® Coin Slot Aerator Sizes 1:1 Caché® TT M16.5 ×1 1:1 Caché TJ M18.5 ×1 ® 1:1 Caché® JR M21.5 ×1 TT TJ JR STD The CACHÉ® aerator is also available as a Coin Slot version. The integrated “Coin Slot” offers an easy means of fitting and unscrewing the aerator with a coin, replacement aerator or a service key. The drip edge stops water trickling along the faucet. The CACHÉ® Coin Slot variants are fully compatible with the corresponding Classic models. Both are inserted directly into the spout without the need for a housing. 1:1 Caché® STD M24 ×1 Easy in, easy out. Install and remove the aerator using a coin or the appropriate service key Aerators | 27