NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 28

Aerator Specialties SLIM Stream shaper 1:1 SLC SSR SLIM Laminar M18 ×1 1:1 M18 × 1 M24 × 1 The SLIM aerators offer innovative possi­ bilities for faucet design thanks to their lowheight construction (approx. 5.5 mm high). They are the perfect choice for very flat spouts. A suitable service key is used to install and remove them. They produce a non-splashing laminar stream of water, without affecting the flow rate. The flow rate should ideally be restricted, e.g. by means of a flow regulator. This should be fitted on the inlet side, some distance away from the aerator. Extremely low height! 28 | Aerators SLIM Laminar M24 ×1