NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 26

Aerator Specialties CACHÉ® Aerator Product lines SLC SSR Caché® Cascade® SLC TJ JR Caché® Cascade® Caché® HONEYCOMB® STD STD TT TJ JR STD SLC The CACHÉ® hidden aerator is inserted di­rectly into the spout of the faucet and is therefore invisible. Faucets can thus be designed with flawless, perfect surface con­tours. This opens up a multitude of possi­ bilities when it comes to faucet design. It also offers a means of cutting costs on the pro­duction line. The vandal-proof CACHÉ® Classic models can be installed or removed using a replacement aerator or the appropriate service key. Caché® PCA® Spray Caché® PCA® Spray SLC TT TJ JR STD TJ Caché® HONEYCOMB® Laminar JR TT TJ STD JR STD SLC SSR Caché® Flow Straightener TT TJ Caché® Spray ITR STD STD Limitless faucet design Install and remove the aerator using the appropriate key 26 | Aerators