NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 67

PCW-02 Washer Regulators This ½˝ seal with integrated flow regulator and flexible silicone turbine is fitted inside the shower handle or bib/pillar tap where it replaces the usual rubber washer. The flexible turbine enables it to be used in bores of varying diameters and guarantees secure positioning. PCW-02 LP Washer Regulators The PCW-02 seal is also available as a low-pressure version. The PCW-02 LP offers an optimal flow performance from 0.2 to 4.0 bar. PCR Shower Connection This ½˝ brass adaptor with integrated flow regulator is fitted between the faucet and the shower hose as a visible adaptor. Ecobooster Hand Shower Kit The Ecobooster kit is an installation kit with integrated flow regulator for hand showers or kitchen faucets. It offers manufacturers an easy means of integrating a switchover function from water-saving mode (default setting) to full capacity at the push of a button. Saving water and energy | 67