NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 66

saving water with the flow regulator technology iti o n1 Hig hp re s (0 re ) P o si L o w o r n o p re s bar su re (5 N or 2 ti o n 3 Each NEOPERL® flow regulator comprises a housing and a precision control o-ring made of rubber. This o-ring changes shape when water flows through it at higher pressure. r) s Po su There is an integrated flow regulator at the heart of every water-saving device. This offers a means of achieving a virtually constant stream of water, mostly regardless of the line pressure. ba Flow regulator technology m al p re o ss u re (3 b a r) P s it io n All of the products listed below are equipped with NEOPERL® flow regulator technology. Flow regulators are available in many different, colour-coded flow rates. PCA® Aerators Apart from an attractive stream pattern, an aerator with integrated flow regulator also produces a virtually constant flow rate. PCA® aerators are available in nearly all product lines. PCW-01 Washer Regulators This ½˝ seal with integrated flow regulator replaces the usual rubber washer in the shower hose, shower head or shattaf. The PCW-01 therefore performs two functions: sealing and flow control. 66 | Saving water and energy