NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 62

NEOPERL® Outlet Hoses To deliver water to the kitchen hose, the common solution is to use a copper pipe and screw connection after the mixer. As an excellent alternative, Neoperl offers Rigid PE (RPE) outlet hoses in combination with a Quick Connector. Kitchen faucet with copper pipe and screw connection Kitchen faucet with RPE outlet hose and Quick Connector to connect the system Benefits of the NEOPERL® RPE outlet hose – benefits compared to copper tube: non-metal, no soldering, easy to install – P VC-free Standard fittings for RPE outlet hose: – as needed into the faucet (M8 ×1, M10 ×1, etc.) – available for connection to the kitchen hose with the Clip Quick Connector (CQC*) or the Sleeve Quick Connector (SQC*) or other brass/plastic fittings as required – fittings available as low-lead version * Patent pending 62 | Outlet hoses