NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 44

diverters for bathtub faucets NEOPERL® diverters for bathtub faucets The diverter in a bathtub faucet switches the water stream to either the tub filler position or the shower hose. It has three main components – main body, a connector and an axle. The axle is made of brass or plastic. This gives rise to three possible material variants: brass diverters, plastic diverters and diverters using a mix of both materials (called hybrid diverters). Diverters for bathtub faucets are available in two sizes and either with automatic return to the tub filler position from 0.2 bar, or with a locking facility. They feature a self-retaining function, which becomes effective at the very low pressure level of 0.2 bar. The classic diverter: a brass diverter is characterised by its outstanding stability, a long service life and an elegant appearance. A hybrid diverter comprises a plastic main body and a brass connector. This combination of materials makes the hybrid diverter robust and durable. The axle is made of brass. Tub filler position Shower position 44 | Diverters The main body and connector of a plastic diverter are made of high-quality plastic. The axle is made of either brass or plastic.