NEOPERL Catalogue 2016 | Page 35

flow regulators – product lines Standard flow regulators Low-pressure flow regulators Adjustable flow regulators Standard flow regulators maintain a vir­tually constant flow rate within the pressure range of 1 to 10 bar. They are available in diameters of 7 to 22 mm for flow rates of 0.25 to 100 l/min. You can choose between various designs with axial or radial seals. Special types are available upon request. Special flow regulators have been developed for low-pressure applications (0.25 to 4 bar). Unlike standard flow regulators, low-pressure flow regulators regulate the flow rate significantly below 1 bar. As the name suggests, the D-type flow regulator offers a means of adjusting the flow rate. The range of adjustment may be specified by the customer. It is used as a flow control valve in instantaneous water heaters and other applications in order to compensate extreme differences in the temperature of the incoming water (e.g. winter / summer). Metering liquids example: solenoid valve Time-controlled solenoid valves can be combined with pressure-compensating flow regulators, which maintain a virtually constant flow rate, to enable the accurate metering of liquids required for beverage dispensing machines and electronic faucets, for example. Stream control Use in water-saving products: the flow regulator controls the volume of water in the shower or at the sink, ensuring that less water flows. Comfort and convenience for the user is noticeably improved at the same time, as water continues to be virtually evenly distributed, even if several outlets are used at the same time (e.g. washrooms in public buildings). Customised solutions example: water heaters/boilers Flow regulators maintain a constant flow of cold water to the water heater in spite of varying inlet pressures. This is a prerequisite for maintaining a constant temperature. example: isolating valves A flow regulator may be fitted on the inlet or outlet side of an isolating valve, or in the ball valve itself. Certain isolating valves can be accessed in the closed position without having to drain the water from the system first. In this case, the flow regulator can be removed or replaced easily within the framework of maintenance work. Flow regulators in isolating valves offer a means of achieving constant control of the flow in downstream applications to the greatest extent possible. Flow regulators | 35